Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Do we need taglines?

It will seem odd to some of you that I'm even asking this question here. Trust me, it seemed so to me too when a Creative Director I have a bit of respect for (no, I kinda do) once told me he found taglines most inessential. In a world full of taglines, and blogs devoted to taglines, it does seem a mite incongruous to believe they aren't required. No? Unless you happen to be fortunate enough to have a brand name like FCUK, a brand name and tagline all rolled into one. Speaking of which, any other brand-cum-taglines that come to mind?


  1. actually taglines are like friends. you'll enjoy their company only when they are good. so if you have a bad tagline, better not to have one.

  2. there's an english brand called innocent. their tagline could pass off as their name. not sure.

  3. Lovely line about taglines being like friends. One great one is good enough to spend a lifetime in the company of. And the other thing: 'Whisper', perhaps.